Dhanush Infra is on the forefront of the rapidly expanding field of renewable power generation. Supporting this expertise is a global company with resources and professionals that can handle all aspects of your organization’s power needs.
Change in today’s power industry is motivated by rapidly increasing power demand, growing public resistance to conventional power sources and fuel price instability. This change has spawned a wave of state-mandated requirements such as renewable energy portfolio standards and carbon emission caps. As greenhouse gas issues continue to make the headlines, this trend is destined to continue.
Our Renewable Energy Program provides the capability and experience to adapt to changing power generation needs by providing comprehensive services to the power industry in all aspects of Solar Products, Renewable project execution, including
    Renewable portfolio management support
    Project feasibility studies
    Arranging Subsidies
    Plant site evaluation and selection
    Technology evaluation consulting
    Conceptual plant design
    Plant cost estimates
    Cost/benefit analysis
    System modelling
    Performance prediction
    Environmental impact studies
    Permitting and licensing
    Preliminary plant design
    Specification preparation
    Substation and transmission design
    Detailed plant design
    Procurement services
    Installation of the system
    Commissioning of the system
    Construction management
    Operation and maintenance services
    Owner’s engineer
We have experts in fossil-fired power generation and environmental engineering, providing the most comprehensive team available to assure the success of your renewable energy projects.
Our capabilities span the entire spectrum of renewable energy technology, including
    Solar (Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)
    Solar Thermal
    Solar Photovoltaic
    off-grid & on-grid applications
Dhanush Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001 : 2008 Company
The Quality Management System covers all aspects and facts of System Integrators ,Traders, Suppliers, Engineers & Contractors Of Solar Thermal & Solar Photovoltaic (On-Grid & Off-Grid), Waterproofing, Engineering & Construction, Infrastructures And Interior & Exteriors.


Tackling challenging and huge projects require team effort, and at the heart of the Company is a team of managers, supervisors, service staff and specialists.


The Office houses the Administrative, Marketing, Operations, Contracts and Execution, Services & Customer Care departments.


The market however is becoming more competitive with new kids on the block without the much required and needed experience. The Company's strength is its ability to provide a high level of expertise


The purpose of waterproofing is to ensure absolute water tightness to waterproofed areas. The Company will propose,

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